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Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
probably in some inland locations. we have a westerly breeze and 56 for santa rosa. temperatures are coming down north and also east, pleasanton fremont and those 70s which are close to it are gone. clouds tonight, will not last long, a quarter of an inch and then colder and it will be unsettled and it will not be very warm. increasing clouds sunday and looks like another cold rain on sunday, pam? >> unknown attackers fired at protesters camping out in egypt. the attackers come after opponents and supporters of president mohamed morsi over the country's new constitution. meanwhile president mohamed morsi has maintained security in the under up on the vote to that constitution. >>> -- in the run up on the vote to that constitution. >>> they are sending a team to mexico to help find the cause of the crash. rivera and six others died after their learjet went down in mexico. many considered rivera a role model. >> she could have been your girlfriend, somebody you could just talk to and she went through domestic violence and that's why women really related to her because she was really one of th
Dec 11, 2012 5:00am PST
forecast model picks up on this and we have a cooler westerly breeze coming in. by 10:00 it is moving into the north bay into tomorrow and that will be the rain which will not last long. we have a hit and miss like taking a paint brush, so it may be sunny at your house and raining at mine and that's the way we will deal with it. the key may be 2 to 6 inches of snow and the snow level will be coming down to the 45-foot level as we get towards wednesday and thursday. chilly cold lows westerly breeze instead of a northeast 50s on the highs and these will be warm compared to tomorrow and thursday. say goodbye because they will not be popping up for a while. scattered showers and low snow levels, cold clouds increasing and back in on sunday. >>> well, new this morning, sing poor -- singapore announced they will pay 360 million for the british airline and virgin atlantic is the largest and that gives delta what they have wanted for a long time. if the deal receives regular la torii -- regulatory with heathrow and american airlines. >>> and customer satisfaction. the customer saw six points
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
another cold system coming through sunday. there is no consensus and we will have a westerly breeze. brief morning rain and if they have any available rain left over they get available peaks. there is a definite chill in the area and again you can see there is not a lot for that system. it starts at 10:00 tonight and goes through 10:00 tomorrow night so it's not a winter storm warning and snow level is high and coming down around 4500 feet to 6 inches of snow maybe a foot above lake level as we head towards tomorrow night. cooler and chilly lows, a westerly breeze, chilly on the lows, low 60s for a few and they will disappear here. morning rain tomorrow, not a lot, it is colder and breezy, showers take us to thursday, looks okay and then a cold rain on sunday. >>> they are called king tides and they are coming back here. they are the highest advertise of the year -- highest tides of the year and some believe this may be california's future if sea levels rise because of global warming. >>> it is 11 minutes after 6:00 and san francisco wants to crack down on certain thefts. the proposal that
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the day tomorrow. that means there will be another unseasonably mild day, with sunny skies and westerly breeze is. temperatures should be able to climb above normal. 30's tonight, near 40 at the inner harbor. tomorrow, sun coming back. out on the day, wind to the west at cannot. waves around 1 foot. western maryland, rain and snow showers tonight, rain and snow showers come back into the picture. thursday and friday, snow could become significant in the western maryland mountains. on the eastern shore, some showers arriving thursday evening. 50 posture highs tomorrow. maybe a shower by thursday evening. here is a shower that will pass us in the early morning tomorrow. to the west, a new front organizing over the rockies. this is going to strengthen. some of that cold from western canada will come behind it. we expect a surge of cold air for the weekend. when that happens, snow in western maryland will be much more significant. showers could move toward baltimore thursday afternoon -- past that snow starts to come into western maryland, a winter storm watch for tomorrow night into friday
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
as we head toward late thursday into thursday. more of a westerly breeze. fog, increasing. some of these high temperatures are gonna get capped pretty fast. 50s or very low 60s. no more 60s after today. there will be cold air coming in. kind of a showery pattern thursday. friday, windy cold, increasing clouds on saturday. it looks like another cold rain on sunday. >>> california's king tides are coming in soon. king tides are the highest tides of the year. they peak on thursday morning. the water will cover entire beaches. instead of water lapping up on sand, it will hit rocks and docks and some believe this is what california may look like in the future if the sea levels rise because of global warming. >>> dive teams with special sonar equipment with search the waters for a missing earl man who vanished saturday off mare island. he may have -- a missing elderly man who vanish saturday off mare island e may have fallen overboard -- island e may have fallen overboard. >>> more possible repercussions. what could happen next toot australian radio station in that coax. >>> and the f
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
to the valley but out coast will burn off seen. i think next week is -- burn off sooner. more of a westerly breeze, santa rosa as well. 60s on the temperatures and everybody is in on that temperature trend coast bay and inland. then with your weekend always in view, we get rid of that fog, we might bring cooler temperatures in and it will bring us a lot of sun and no rain there. >>> they are suing a company which makes baby products. they produce the knap nanny and chill infant recliners. they ordered a recall after five babies died after using knap nanny but baby matters refuses to recall. they should notify the public about the risks. >>> the express motor coach company is issuing 300,000 tickets for early next year. they have a limited amount and they recently started serving the bay area in southern california again. >>> what some overcrowded south bay animal shelters want you to do. how they are trying to give you some new dogs and cats a new home. >>> charged with a misdemeanor, he gave a controversial photo and why the photo is considered invasive. every time someone chooses finish o
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
, this is where you'll find temperatures probably only in the low 50s on that westerly l breeze. thebright sunshine will make it feel more comfortable. take alook north and west, a couple l of showers up in pennsylvania. the big weather is in northern new england. here it's just dry, cool and breezy. we willbe dry tomorrow but the temperature will change. tonight, sort of a seasonal chill and tomorrow back into the low 50s. but then colder air begins to build across the northern plains and this cold air here is going to sweep down for the end of the week. withthat is another round of precipitation. it looks like just about all rain but there could be a few wintery showers on friday. dry and relatively mild weather tomorrow. then aswe work into thursday, we bring in our next system, this one bringing showers late thursday night into early friday and some of those could bring a few wet flakes with the chilly air on friday. that's about all i've got for you. 54 tomorrow for the two degree guarantee. niceday tomorrow and a chilly night. next few days, late thursday, somehow everies, rain overn
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7